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Central Training Group has been delivering specialist Apprenticeship training since 1983, during this time we have seen thousands of people gain the confidence, skills and qualifications to progress into their careers or open their own businesses.


Central deliver a wide range of Apprenticeships including Administration, Graphics, Hairdressing, Beauty, Management, Marketing and Customer Service and Retail.


In 2016 Central joined forces with two top training academies to become the Apprenticeship provision for Alan D Education and TLT Beauty Academy.


Central Hair London, previously known as the Joshua Galvin Academy was established by Joshua Galvin in 1988.  Central are proud to deliver training in his name and are known across and around London for being ‘the hairdressing centre of excellence’.


Central Hair London and Alan D are the number one high-quality training destinations for Hairdressing and Barbering training in Central and East London.


From 2018 Central have a prestigious base in Smithfield working with Alan and Edward Hemmings, whose massive reputations in the industry fit perfectly with our vision of providing the very best Hairdressing and Beauty training in the UK.


Our TLT @CTG academy is based in Bromley in South London and under the first class leadership of Laraine Morris has become the first choice for private Beauty and Hair Training south of the Thames. 


Central Hair Essex, previously known as Central Hairdressing Academy, in Southend-on-Sea, Essex was established by Martin Kolton MBE in 1983. In 1991 Andy Wright joined Central and went on to become the Group Managing Director.  With Andy’s expertise and knowledge in Graphic Design and Business the team at CTG developed other areas of training apart from Hairdressing and have gone from strength to strength.


Both Martin, Andy and the teams at Central are passionate about giving people the opportunity to advance and develop and realise their full potential.


Ofsted have continually stated that the support that learners and apprentices receive at Central is highly effective. The good-quality mentoring enables them to stay in learning. Learners and apprentices attend well and enjoy their learning. Central started their training journey over 34 years ago, and have grown from having 200 learners in 1991 to over 1,500 learners on our programmes in 2018.

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